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one-does-not-simply-a - One does not simply kidnap johnny depp or the swedish house mafia

trumpet meme <-----this is my meme

LoTR Weighs In On The American "Sherlock"

Things change.

So a couple of months ago The Pokemon Anime made a modern version of the olden days shots.Back then It looked like Charmander was eating fire.Now It looks legit. :D I prefer the 1997 version

Poke'mon is serious business

Poke'mon is serious business

If we give all we've got, we will make it through.

///// Here we are, like a star, shining bright on the world todayyyy

So relaxing!

I'm really becoming a big fan of the low key relaxing yoga.strength training and weight loss yoga is just not even close to relaxing lol

Lyoko Warriors Problem Solver by Son-Neko.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Hey are you a techno/ computer-disabled Lyoko warrior who wants to stay out of trouble with the technologically Saavy?