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so much easier...

Faking a smile is so much easier than explaining why are you sad. Because if your sad it makes people's day a lot worse. Though sometimes you do have to share your sadness.

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one year and six months and i'm still not over you, it must mean something right? after all this time my heart still beats faster when you come around, and these butterflies can't seem to stop.

I don't know what it means but I know that I can't walk away from you and the longer I know you the stronger this feeling gets.

For my friend

This is so true. I always feel like im enough until something better comes along friend.

What do you do when he can't let you go either because he thinks of those same things. Keep coming back to each other? Even if it's not right right now? Confused

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It's who he was. This hit it on the nail. Even though it's been years i still can't let him go. Even though he's moved on and let me go with no after thought. But its time and I'm done breaking my own heart.

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I loved him too much. Gave him too much. Showed him too much. I was too much. And I think I scared him away.

She cant see it..she looks everywhere and can't want or feel anything without him..how did he do it..how does he sees his future without her...how does he..

She cant see it.she looks everywhere and can't want or feel anything without him.how does he sees his future without her.

It's over!

She never had to fight or my love she always had it she never had to worry about me cheating on her no other woman could compare to how she made me feel she never had to fight for me ever but in the end all it was "booty call"to her

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This is my blog. Its about my view as a 30 something year old woman :)

my life, my heartbreak.today, right here, right now.and I feel like I want to die over this? How fucked up is THAT? would some one PLEASE just shoot me and put me out of my misery?