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Michael lockscreen

Michael lockscreen

Could it be a lockscreen??

Locks & Solo Dms on

Could it be a lockscreen?

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hi im michael ! im 19 and single , im in a band called 5 secconds of summer along iwth my 3 bestfriends . i like to dye my hair alot and im very loud and fun so come say hi {michael clifford }

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oh gosh Luke in a beanie and Michael in a snapback will be the death of me

Luke and kind of Michael

Low-key Michaels giving luke head😂

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This is cool but my iPod doesn't say the percentage it just has the battery sign but I will show my followers:):)<3

Looks for Harry. Looks at battery percentage. Unplugs phone from charger.

I am Niall... The only difference is that Niall can eat and still look attractive... I eat and turn into a potato

niall is me. minus the segway. I mean, if i could afford a segway, i'd be all over it.

Like seriously...

lol no oh my god I laughed way too hard<<he doesn't get drunk!

When Niall was being sexy and blew a kiss: | The 29 Best Parts Of One Direction On "Saturday Night Live"

When Niall was being sexy and blew a kiss:

When Niall was being sexy and blew a kiss "Saturday Night Live"