Gorgeous Betta

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another pinner said."In crowntail bettas the tail rays extend far beyond the rest of the tail. This gives it a crown-like appearance. The crowntail gene is a recessive gene.

Dragonscale is a beautiful gene that bettas can be bred to have. They have thicker scales than normal bettas and it makes them look like 'dragons'! It's very lovely!

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The Big Bowl in the Sky

Gorgeous male betta fish, I need to get one of these guys. I have a white, orange and grey dude that I picked up from Wal-Mart.

Beautiful Crowntail Expression I'm purty and I know it!

Crown Tail - photo by Andrew Williams. (I've got a red betta! Not a crown tail, just a regular tail.

Gold orange dragon

Betta Fish and Betta Fish Care

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I know there's a reason, but because it's so beautiful, that's all I can see

Here are the most beautiful betta fish in the world. And betta fish known as the Siamese fighting fish and 'The Jewel of the Orient', they are rather.