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Fine Motor Friday with a Toddler (18m +) with holey TP rolls + straws! I shared this activity I set up for Mr3 earlier in the week - Miss19m joined in & loved it so much I thought I'd set it up again today for Fine Motor Friday! I originally thought it would be too challenging for her but given the straws aren't flimsy like the lace Mr3 was using, she was able to thread through the small holes! I will be sharing another Fine Motor activity later this afternoon for Preschoolers (3y +)...

Color Run & Sort Game. Learning and gross motor skills are combined in one easy, fun activity... reinforces color recognition for younger students!

The Color with Leo® site aims to nurture a child's boundless creativity and insatiable curiosity. A young Leonardo da Vinci, Leo, guides them through interactive games and activities as they learn the principles of art and other vital educational skills. Parents and teachers can also benefit by downloading the free lessons and activities that can be easily implemented into an elementary art curriculum.

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