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I know what you're thinking. Marketing, gross. For whatever reason,  marketing has gotten a bad rap. When we think "marketing," we tend to  imagine annoying commercials or Twitter messages saying, "thanks for  following, buy my book!"  And you know what we really hate about this? It's impersonal. But good news  for all of you, my friends! Marketing can be a personal, interactive  experience that not only builds your tribe, but allows you to flex your  creative muscles. See? Not so bad…

Marketing for Writers: How to Set Yourself Up for Literary Success

Blots & Plots:Marketing for Writers: How to Set Yourself Up for Literary Success - Blots & Plots

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As much as we would like, there's no such thing as calm seas and smooth sailing forever. 64 Ideas for Self-Care When Life Gets Hard.

» Fifteen Literary Journals That Respond Within A Month

Submitting to journals with a quick response time is one of the best ways to stay motivated, not in terms of writing, but in terms of submitting. After all, if you submit to a journal and don’t hear …

If you’ve ever gone on Pinterest, you have probably, at some point, stumbled upon a pin about bullet journals and wondered what they are. A bullet journal is a mix of a planner, diary, massive to-do list, and a sketchbook. It’s an extremely thorough way to stay organized, on top of your work, and goal-oriented. … Read More

24 Tips On How To Make The Most Perfect Bullet Journal

I often write reviews of websites you can apply with that will pay you for freelance writing. These have mostly been content sites/mills that have regular assignments available that you can grab an... freelance writing, how to freelance write #freelancer #freelance #writer

List of Blogs That Pay For Guest Posts

Rich Handler wrote his kids 100 pieces of advice before they left for college

100 Things This Wall Street CEO Wanted His Kids To Know Before They Left For College

100 Things this Wall Street CEO Wanted His Son to Know Before Leaving for College: Stay connected with the rest of your family. Mom is going to miss you more than anyone on the planet. Keep her included in your life….

Here are 10 steps to improving your LinkedIn profile from top to bottom

10 tips that will help you score an 'All-Star' rating on LinkedIn

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