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Children  Hide & seek with squirrel

Children Hide & seek with squirrel

My future husband and son

idea for future pic b/c we all know my husband will be a cowboy:)

Having a single mom was both heartbreaking and inspiring. My mother has worked hard her whole life to make sure us kids had what we needed. There is no one person I respect more than my mother. She’s amazing!

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Baby Baseball Love by kirsten

Home Run Dreams baby photo idea Lynn Lynn Lynn bilingsley this would totally match your nursery! So cute! Do this with a golf club and golf ball!

OMG too cute

Tomorrow is never promised to anyone, so dance until you feet ache. Laugh until your side hurts, say I LOVE YOU for tomorrow may never come.

family photography, outdoors

family photography, outdoors

An indoor snow session with (I think) styrofoam pellets.    Just be prepared to clean up the mess and be sure not to let pets around who might try and it them.....

An indoor snow session with styrofoam pellets. This would help since we don't get that much snow in TX. Just be prepared to clean up the mess.

Baby Picture. Military. Tribute to Heroes. American flag. Baby photography. Military jacket.

A picture worth more than a words! The warmth of this picture melts your heart. I took this picture of our three week old baby girl. She is wrapped in her Great Grandpa's flag and is being held by her Daddy's ABU jacket. We cherish our freedom beca

photography, wedding, western, outdoor

photography, wedding, western, outdoor


28 rules for fathers of sons.this literally made me cry. This daddy/son photo is beautiful. I love this photo