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Sri Lanka blue magpie is usually found in small groups of up to six or seven birds. It is largely carnivorous, eating small frogs, lizards, insects and other invertebrates, but will eat fruit.

Frilled Coquette - Série com topetinho-vermelho (Lophornis magnificus)

FRILLED COQUETTE Lophornis magnificus ©jarbas mattos The Frilled Coquette (Lophornis magnificus) is a species of hummingbird in the Trochilidae family. It is found only in Brazil. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests.


A beautiful India-Blue Peacock [Pavo cristatus] perched on a tree branch

what amazing plumage on this bird

So Asia & islands (Nicobar Island), mostly ground dwelling. Closest living relative to the extinct Dodo.

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A Striped Manakin (Machaeropterus regulus) is a small South American species of bird in the Pipridae family. (Photo by Juan Ochoa)

▪ Un pájaro, en la lírica calma del mediodía. ~~~~~~~~ JUAN RAMÓN JIMÉNEZ. ~~~~~~~ ¤ Pájaro Troupial Naranjo. Se encuentra en Guyana, Brasil, Paraguay, Ecuador, Bolivia y Perú.

Heart shaped wings Colorful birds - Orange-backed Troupial bird - It is found in Guyana, Brazil, Paraguay and eastern Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru.

An unusual photo indeed! Catch peacock moment!

The white peacock is like "let's see how you like your colourful feathers scattered around.and the blue peacock is like "WTF?" Imagine the white peacock is Lord Shen XD

Peacock, full flight

A rare image of a flying peacock.Wow what a awesome sight.Never seen a flying peacock - I didn't know they could fly!

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Green Peacock - this is beautiful, thank you Aline for sending me this!

Hummingbird feeding her baby! It's amazing how she can feed them without stabbing their throats! Lol!

Photo and caption by Pam Montazeri. Mother hummingbird feeding her baby, nested in a blood orange tree in Simi Valley, California