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Back when Disney Chanel shows were actually clever.

Something feels bitter…

This pretty much sums up why I will miss excellent old Disney channel shows like That's so Raven. There should be a Throwback Disney Channel.

lol I'm amazed I remembered what and how so quickly from just those 6 lines XD

True 90's kids will understand.

Ha ha I almost forgot about the Superman symbol. used to draw them with gel pens on our notes in school (Amy Butler Larson) lol

XD this is the second one of these I've found!!!! Idk where they come from but i love them! X'D

Funny pictures about Don't Tap The Glass. Oh, and cool pics about Don't Tap The Glass. Also, Don't Tap The Glass photos.

My VHS has black lines running through parts and some of the scenes are completly gone......used it a little toooo much. But got the Dvd now, all better:)

I think that number is missing a few zeros.I watched the Lion King, like, more than 5 times in a single day as a kid! <----so true!

If someone did this for me...I would probably be forever theirs

"I tasted it, no poison. - Prince Charming" How to pick up a girl, Disney style. This is so cute! My husband better do this!

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Disney teaching you to talk to hot strangers funny princess. Most favoritist Disney movie ever! thank you for the inspiration!