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“A world without forests is a world without: air, water, life, animals, plants.” This poster sends a strong message of the importance of forests, and what they sustain. (Source: Don’t let Yasuni National Park be one less for the world. Please donate to the Yasuni-ITT Fund:

To preserve the planet we need to save energy, and save money. Look at this website for the perfect solution -

The One Picture That Perfectly Sums Up World Action On Climate Change

The world on Climate Change. So very true! The biggest percentage of our population has a fixation on having everything NOW, flash the plastic, cater for the immediate, tomorrow's another day worry(maybe) about it then, etc. If anything outdated or"breaks" don't bother fixing it, buy another, out with the plastic again - everything is expendable (even relationships! ) - "Houston" do we have a problem!