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Lotus Blossom Cruxed by on @DeviantArt

This is a tweak of katdesignstudio's Lotus Blossom 6 hours render with Apophysis Version Lotus Blossom Cruxed

-NeonSymphony- by on @deviantART

-NeonSymphony- by =silwenka FRACTAL fractal - Noun A curve or geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole. Adjective Relating to or of the nature of a fractal or fractals: "fractal geometry".

Fractal Art Pictures4

40 Mesmerizing Fractal Art Pictures for Art Lovers

Trap Only Transition by ~Mignon on deviantART

Another image using a technique from Janet's Masking Course [link] Thanks for taking the time to view/comment on this image and previous images Trap Only Transition