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Soulmates energy is a very powerful intense connection between two people. Find out more your soulmates, karmic soulmate or twinflame from a past life.

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A blanket of sea ~ Stunning & creative compositions by webuildcastlesintheair, an 18 yr old photographer, dreamer & wanderluster from Sydney, Australia.

Beautiful depiction of the energy we possess.

Those who do not believe in magic will never find it. This shows that magic is in your hands no matter what. (Galaxy in hands)

...maybe for transformation project

What an awesome idea! What if ? Who knows what magic lies beneath the wishing well. "I'm the one who grants all the wishes from wishing wells"


Magic lantern ~ smoke-to-hummingbird, Silicon Valley, California

spiegel für die gesichtslosen?

Playing with mirrors…

I really don't know what's going on here. Is he looking forward, or sideways?

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Des mains unies quelque soient leurs origines c'est le meilleur chemin pour refaire de la terre, un paradis

the inner science nerd is so happy right now. and the inner photography freak sighs in happiness. It's a good day. A brain made of fingers?


I know this isn't a mermaid, but I have dreams like this ALL THE TIME, where my house fills up with water and I swim to the ceiling and stuff. It's cool! Love this picture.