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Shakespeare’s Prince Hal partied with the best of them - he drank with the best known lush, Falstaff, but when he ascended the throne, he turned his back on his friends and acted like he'd never been part of them #2 leadership change magazine: How to lead your peers? By David Dye. Download the magazine at

Tom Landry-Following Landry's death at 75 former Cowboys general manager Tex Schramm told the Dallas Morning News: "Tom was a very unique individual in that he had two very strong feelings; one was for football and the other about Christianity. The manifestation of his great faith was his ability to coach one of the roughest sports on Earth and maintain his beliefs."

The rest are just posers. You don't lead by disassociating yourself from the people you are SUPPOSED to be leading. Why do people take on positions they aren't qualified for and just to clog up the process and deter you from actually achieving the goals?

Storify of 31 January 2014 School of Health and Care Radicals session #SHCRchat #SHCR @helen bevan