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Gardening: Bird Netting for Berry Bushes

Tutorial on three quick and easy steps to making your own bird netting to keep your berries protected!

Walk-in corridor cage protects raspberries from birds

Our popular Walk-In Steel Corridor Cage has undergone a revamp and emerged as a versatile and stylish solution to protecting soft fruit, cordon-trained tree fruit, vines and even long narrow vegetable plots and allotments - and when you consider the quali

How to Protect Berry Bushes from Birds - Martha Stewart Good Things

How to Protect Berry Bushes from Birds

How to Protect Berry Bushes from Birds -- Whether they're from the North or South, birds love Alabama's state fruit, blackberries. If they're enjoying yours before you get the chance, set up this low-tech line of defense: Drive bamboo stakes into the gro

How to grow berries

No more trips to the farmer’s market for you. Why not grow your own endless supply of berries? Use them for snacking, smoothies, on top of your favorite dessert. The possibilities are, well, endless! Grow your own berries right in your own backyard.

Cicada Netting - The cicadas are coming and my young fruit trees are easy target for egg laying females. Covered in netting, they look like Halloween trees.

I heard the cicadas were expected this week, today, to be precise, so I spent Sunday netted my young fruit trees.

Our Top Tips for Growing Berries in Containers