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Pastel bat never fails to amaze me with her unique, creative style. Makes me want to get my sewing machine out and make something great.

fairy kei I believe | Otome costume referances | Pinterest | ★ Japan & Kawaii Style ★ | Pinterest

Dedicated to all Fairykei, Popkei, Decololita and like-minded fashion. You will find pastel colors,.

pastel punk<-- it's actually called pastel goth but very very close :D

I love Pastelbat and all of her outfits. This Pastel Goth/Creepy Cute thing is one of the best fads to happen in fashion. I’ve been waiting for this all my life.

Super Cute

pastel-goth-princess: “ frillypinkdreams: “ I realize, this is the first outfit picture I post with my new hair! Also, todays outfit >v


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