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THOMPSON SUBMACHINE GUN invented in Still going strong. AR rifles are modeled on this. If in doubt, check out the grip, trigger housing and magazine position

.double shot derringer style with .410 shotgun. Need. Want.

double shot derringer style with shotgun by Bond Arms


octagon barrel dueling pistol set, complete with cleaning tools, ammo mould, powder flask .

Tops Knives Prather War Bowie Fixed Blade Knife

The TOPS Prather War Bowie is Jeff's ideal blade design based on his twenty five…

The Kongsberg Colt “Nazi 1911″ | The famous 1911 wasn’t only used by the Allies during WWII, the Nazis also issued the .45ACP (11.25mm) 1911 throughout the war as well. Although in limited use with the German military, about 8,200 were made between 1940 and 1945.

Kongsberg Colt – The Nazi 1911 - The Truth About Guns

M1911 << Looks similar to Dean's pistol from Supernatural.

<< Looks like Dean's pistol from Supernatural. <----I wish

Colt Anaconda or the Taurus Raging Bull .44 magnum

Colt Anaconda and Taurus Raging Bull magnum handguns. I'd love to have a black Anaconda

The Ruger "Assassin"  17 round magazine. Nice gun.

The Ruger "Assassin" 17 round magazine. Great zombie gun, believe it or not. Quiet, and a is a lot more effective for head shots than bigger calibers.

You don’t walk around with one eye closed, do you? Why should you shoot with one eye closed? Closing one eye while shooting decreases both situation awareness and depth perception. In a tactical situation this can be deadly. You need to learn to shoot with both eyes open in order to maneuver properly as you … Continue reading »

Why Should You Shoot With One Eye Closed? Closing One Eye While Shooting Decreases Both Situation Awareness And Depth Perception. In A Tactical Situation This Can Be Deadly.