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If your not with them your against them is there mentality or is it there memories? Not sure which I can not comprehend that mentality. We will see how it all plays out.

Don’t Watch Donald Trump’s Inauguration

There’s no better way to undermine Trump than to take away his ratings. Asked in 1990 by Playboy why he surrounds himself with “the yacht, the bronze tower, the casinos,” he responded, “Props for the show. … The show is ‘Trump.’ And it is sold-out performances everywhere.” Trump wants the White House to be another prop. It’s up to us to make sure his presidency is not another act in the show. The first step: Walk out of the theater.

Donald Trump has asked for bust of Winston Churchill to be put back in the Oval Office after Obama replaced it with Martin Luther King

25 Unknown Facts about Donald Trump Exactly Who America needs in charge. A man of God.... who ask for the people to pray for God to heal our land. ❤ Thank you, Sir

Pastor Max Lucado Baffled Over Evangelical Trump Supporters

The prominent evangelical pastor talks about his recent denunciation of Donald Trump. He says he's puzzled as to why other evangelical leaders seem to give the Republican candidate a "free pass."

His practice of asking Americans to deny what they see with their own eyes is a chilling harbinger of what journalists and other Americans will have to confront in his presidency, Frida Ghitis says. (CNN, 1.10.17)