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A black cop in St Louis County, MO, hits a suspect once on the hand with his baton - and gets hit with a felony indictment... by the same DA that declined to even charge a white cop for shooting an unarmed black kid and killing him.

Trump thinks that to be President is the same as being a dictator. Keeps telling us that only he alone can save us...please, save us from Trump. VOTE Hillary in Nov.

But my vote didn't count-electoral rigging. How about deporting assholes! Trump first! Fuck! If I have to look at that orange man again I will vomit.

Why? This is old news not even relevant its 2016 move on people there are bad and good every where in every race occupation state country black lives matter white lives matter Hispanic lives matter 💜💛💚💙


Heeello Everybody ! I'm Denis, gay and from Germany. I love The Hunger Games, How to Get Away with Murder and Lana Del Rey. And I'm here to spend some time with you guys :) If you want any of the pics removed just message me :)