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Shinsei Sangria - enogh for a very large party

Maybe it's living in an Asian country - but this sounds yummy to me! Gotta try next time I have an Asian themed dinner party!

Apple juice gets seriously adult. Add booze, slice up pretty green garnishes and…

The 65 Greatest Things You Can Do With Apples


Lilac Pisco Cocktail

Pharmacie Interview and Cocktail Recipe - Sugar and Charm - sweet recipes - entertaining tips - lifestyle inspiration

Orange Crush! Fresh Squeezed Orange and Vodka Cocktail

Freshly squeezed orange juice is mixed with orange-flavored vodka and triple sec in this orange crush cocktail. Serve on a warm summer day for a little refreshment.

Hawaiian Hammer: Banana Schnapps, Coconut Rum, 151 Proof Rum, Grenadine Syrup, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice.

Hawaiian Hammer

Hawaiian Hammer cocktail drink recipe with banana schnapps, coconut rum, grenadine, orange and pineapple juice. (mixed drinks with rum pineapple)


Pineapple Palomas are a sweet, refreshing twist on the original. Enjoy them by the glass or make a pitcher to share.either way, they're the perfect drinks for summer!

Peach Sparkler

Peach Sparkler

Vodka and Basil Spiked Sugar-Free Lemonade. A grown-up, refreshing summer beverage recipe

Vodka and Basil Spiked Sugar-Free Lemonade. A grown-up, refreshing summer beverage recipe (summer beverages recipes)

New York whiskey cocktail

New Yorker Cocktail

Whiskey, lime juice, grenadine and a touch off sugar. A New York Cocktail is another of the whiskey Cocktails that remind me of an Old Fashioned Cocktail.

Honey Bee Bellini  Ingredients  1 oz. Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey Liqueur  1 oz. peach nectar  1 oz. orange juice  Soda water (splash)  Preparation  Shake the first three ingredients with ice.  Strain and pour into a champagne flute. Top with a splash of soda water and enjoy!

Honey Bee Bellini, perfect for brunch. Jack Daniels' Tennessee Honey Liqeur in a champagne flute (with O. and peach nectar and soda water).perfect for men & women!

Copy Cat Carnival Kiss on the Lips Cocktail, in memory of my friend Krystal Simpson. She came back after her cruise and this drink was all she could talk about!

Copy Cat Carnival Kiss on the Lips Cocktail

Best Drink Ever: Kiss on the Lips Cocktail (Carnival): Blend frozen mango juice concentrate (or frozen mango daiquiri mix) with some crushed ice and peach schnapps. Pour grenadine into bottom of glass; pour drink into glass.