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Tropical Street Skating in the Caribbean: Color Rico - Part 1 - http://DAILYSKATETUBE.COM/tropical-street-skating-in-the-caribbean-color-rico-part-1/ - CLICK CC for captions! Welcome to Color Rico, where a handful of euro rippers charge the colorful skate spots of the Caribbean. Vladik Scholz, Denny Pham, Adrien Bulard, Kris Vile and Jaakko Ojanen set out in search of new spots and good times, uncovering the hidden skate gems throughout the - Caribbean, color, part, Rico, ska

"Lakai En Puerto Rico" Video - http://DAILYSKATETUBE.COM/lakai-en-puerto-rico-video/ - With sunshine, murals, and rad paint-jobs everywhere, PR produces some colorful clips. This was a ripping trip with never-seen street spots and some sick pits. Here's Raven Tershy, Ronnie Sandoval, Vincent Alvarez, Jon Sciano, Stevie Perez, Sebo Walker and several others. Keep up with Thrasher - lakai, Puerto, Rico, video

Skating Big Gaps and Gritty Spots in Puerto Rico: Color Rico - Part 2 - http://DAILYSKATETUBE.COM/skating-big-gaps-and-gritty-spots-in-puerto-rico-color-rico-part-2/ - CLICK to watch Episode 1: Part 2 of Color Rico takes the crew away from the coast and into the suburban neighborhoods of Puerto Rico. Abandoned homes, unfinished buildings, and the sweltering sun makes most spots pretty gritty, but our intrepid gang of shredders Vladik - color, gaps,

‘Surfing’ heron is actually riding atop a hippo

Herons can often be seen stealthily stalking a shoreline for a tasty meal to pounce on, but this heron apparently opted for a different hunting technique.

False killer whales 'swarm' boaters on dinghy

False killer whales ‘swarm’ boaters on dinghy

The NHL Will Use GoPros to Make Hockey Into Awesome Television

As the video above shows, hockey from the vantage point of a hockey players is nuts. The stick work! The speed! That's why the NHL and GoPro are teaming up to fill NHL broadcasts with hot, first-person action cam footage. It's going to be awesome.