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Scientists #Typography Posters 1

Scientists Minimalist Posters

Fond of minimalist graphics and interested in science, Indian Kapil Bhagat has created a series of posters very successful playing on the biggest names science

WWF Legends Minimalist Posters

WWF Legends Minimalist Posters

The subject matter: and WWF legends. Wrestlers who earned their status through killer showmanship, illustrative identities, and annihilatory moves that, years later, make them recognizable by little more than their trademark costume co

Health Disorders illustrated through Typography – Fubiz Media

Health Disorders illustrated through Typography

escapekit: Mental Disorders Typography After suffering from anxiety in university Košice-based graphic designer Igor Kupec began to envision mental disorders from a design perspective. Thus giving birth to the series above which Igor took it upon himsel

Wonderful, Inspiring Minimalist Science Posters - I really like the design for the name Einstein. I like how they used Einstein's famous formula for energy to represent the letter E in his last name, since mc2 equals E for energy.

Wonderful, Inspiring Minimalist Science Posters

[Yes] + : le blanc, c'est beau ! Moins on en mets, plus c'est class

Comment avoir une carte de visite au top ?

This business card design shows that just a couple of well thought out and beautifully executed design elements are needed to create an eye catching card.

Certaines personnes ne font pas attention à la typographie qui nous entoure, que ce soit dans la rue ou même au cinéma. Cet art demande pourtant beaucoup d'imagination. C'est ce que nous prouve le designer turque Ali Erkur.

Des typographies créatives illustrant les plus grands films du cinéma

Clever Typographic Movie Titles revealing The Films’ Plots – Fubiz Media