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Mazda RX7 Series 6 Type R. A man has to own a race car at some point in his life, doesn't he? OK - so I'll probably turn it into another super-fast RX7 Drift car and put it into a wall and destroy it, but hey - just dreams, yeah? My name for her is "Betty". Whoa, Black Betty, Bam-ba-laam!

yes please. Practical too. I could do this. dad had a vintage bronco, brother crashed his, my uncle owns a vintage bronco. I am familiar with them. I think it has everything I want. Maybe my other uncle can paint it this color. :)

1975 Classic Bronco. This was my dream car back in the day.

My husband traded in his white Jeep Wrangler for me and my daughter when I met him. Someday I'll buy him one <3

I love Jags, but surely there is room in my life for this perfect blue Aston Martin Vanquish as well? lol

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