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Some people will always lie...no matter what the circumstances are!

I have plenty of talent and I'm a good role model that people want to be around.smells like bullshit.

Oh Christian humor

Laugh a little mommas! Life can get to complicated to not stop and smile. Here's a compilation of good clean christian humor for moms.

Because I'm a mormon

It's hard to make new friends, because everyone thought you'd be a bitch when they first saw you. 22 Things that only happen to people who have Resting Bitch Face

You'll Eat It Fridge Magnet - too funny

Magnets from Anne Taintor: you'll eat it. you'll eat it and like it. To my picky eater

LDS Conference Memes prayer gaffe

10 Things BYU Memes Loved from October 2014 Conference

omgoodness, this guy gave a devotional at BYU and it was freakin awesome :)

Vintage Ads that would be banned today. "Dont worry darling, you didnt burn the beer!"

23 Vintage Ads That Would Be Banned Today

SEXISM in advertising: "Don't worry.you didn't burn the beer".Hopefully she went on burning the dinner and he just had beer each night! Ad for Schlitz beer,

We may be more joyful than we realize -- we just aren't mindful of the signs.

14 Signs You're Really Happy (And How To Stay That Way)

Laughter is good for Stomach and Helps Lose Weight Laughter is good .