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"Quick flexirod set before dinner. This is how I set my Flexirods at night as well. I use 5 total- 3 in the front and 2 in the back. I brush my hair up and roll the 2 back ones ok top of my head to keep the volume. When my hair was shorter I used one of those soft scrunchies from the 80s so it didn't leave a dent. Put my hair in a high pony and pin curled the pony and the front section. oh and I put on my silk scarf #flexirods #maintainingstraighthair #volume #curls" Photo taken by…

"May 2013 | Flashback to my first "curly cut" at Ouidad salon. Although my hair has never been relaxed, you can tell the curl pattern is significantly looser due to excessive heat throughout the years. The color may have had some effect as well (highlights had been applied that day). Some parts wouldn't curl AT ALL, and required tons of manipulation to resemble the other textures of my hair. It took time and patience for my hair to revert back to its natural state. Have patience, my…

played around with a hair color app! I've had every hair color there is to have & I've always kept brown/or blonde, but this brown is perfect a chocolate brown, not too dark && not too sandy brown that will fade fast. what do you guys think? should I dye my hair like this!? I'm tired of being blonde!! help me out, comment below! :)

El mayor evento mundial de peluquería ha llegado! No olvides tu cita con nosotros en FERMIN PELUQUEROS . Pruébate en Style My Hair App los 9 looks de la noche y encuentra tu favorito para hoy #HFNight #LOREALPROSPAIN

I secretly admire people who dye their hair blue, or green, purple, all those odd not natural hair colors because they're not afraid to show that their different.

I accidentally deleted my collage app so i can only do one pic at a time but this is my hair for church! I used my Remington wand it works best for my hair! Hope you guys like it! #Curlyhair #blonde #apostolichair

I want to dye my hair, still black but with subtle purple and get a small tattoo behind my ear. Will that make me a less respectable doctor in your eyes?

I regularly have little kids pointing at my hair. I dye it blue. The best thing a kid said to their mom was "Mom, she has superhero hair"

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