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Little Creatures

Namakemono no Mikke Sloth Plush Collection (Big)

Sloths - not the most exciting of animals, but they are super cute, as you can see here in this series of adorable sleepy little creatures from cute critter masters, Amuse, Namakemono no Mikke! Meet Mikke, a brown male sloth with stripes on his face, and his friend Monoko, a cute white sloth with a little green leaf in her hair like a ribbon. This is the big size too--perfect for hugging, so you’r... #tokyootakumode #plushie

Raise dragons and watch them grow from little babies into huge, beautiful creatures. Breed unique dragon species using the ones you already have. Build and develop your dragon sanctuary on the Flying Islands.

Here's a Handy Little Guide to the World's Mythical Creatures

Here's a Handy Little Guide to the World's Mythical Creatures

Most of our childhood was filled with fairies, dragons, mermaids, elves and gnomes. Stories about mythical creatures are always fascinating because they represent exaggerated human qualities, like fairies that do good and grant wishes, or ...

Little Creatures in Fremantle, Western Australia possibly the coolest Brewery I've ever been to on ANY conitinent

crudmudgeon: “Icelandic horses are a rare breed brought here by the Vikings in the 9th and 10th century and has stayed unchanged since. They are tough, friendly little creatures and easy to handle. These are some of the horses on my family’s farm in Skagafjördur North Iceland where you are concidered a little bit strange if you don'n own or at least ride horses :) #iceland #icelandic #icelandicphoto #icelandichorses #horses #winter #snow #travel #nature #naturelovers #animals…