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Fake people pretending to be your friend/lover.... they will hurt you just because THEY are unhappy.

To whoever made this; not NECESSARY! To jimin; FUCKING STOP!

If These Companies Made Condoms

If These Companies Made Condoms

Condoms can be identified as Primary and Secondary Prevention against STD's- This type of prevention is aimed at those who are well and have not gotten the disease.Secondary aims to reduce the impact of a disease or injury that has already occurred.

Random Fact

What about women claiming plastic surgery is an essential step of their "makeover"… imagine what drastic measures would be taken if the reflection was accurate, or more importantly if the outward appearance ran parallel to the malicious, hate-rotted, frivolous soul within. LOLjk

Never understand why people have to broadcast their relationship on Facebook if you have to justify it then I'd have a good hard look and ask why?