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Yay , more snow....

Pure Michigan: Wisconsin & Ohio funny spoof of the Pure Michigan commercials, by John Kerfoot

Incredibly diverse ecology in a small space. The Ridges Sanctuary is just that, a sanctuary from pretty much everything else and a place to find peace as you walk through the beautiful boreal forest near the shore of Lake Michigan in Door County Wisconsin. Places like this don't happen very often in the lower 48 and this place is well worth supporting!

From Inside The Heart Of Each .... From the shore of Lake Michigan. Wisconsin Horizons #by Phil Koch #sunset pink purple landscape winter snow sky

[1/23/13] Northwest wind lake effect yesterday. Image courtesy of CIMSS, University of Wisconsin - Madison. "Michigan's photo. "This is pretty much what it looks like from the ground too...at times." (courtesy of Erica T. on Facebook) "In case you don't see it... It's Michigan! And the white is the lower clouds bearing our lovely lake effect snow across the state." (via PJ. D.) [https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/602849_569109533118942_20484430_n.jpg]

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