This one really does it all: where your coffee comes from, where coffee shops started, how to roast your own coffee at home…no, really! Then the science and flavour, and then onto making some fantastic cups of coffee. Perfect. #coffee

Perfect for someone who might like all the geeky detail. Or has perfectionist tendencies, which means they will want to know what the perfect temperature is and why. If you’ve got a wannabe barista to buy for, this is probably a good place to start. #coffee

100 Presents for Coffee Drinkers - From Topsy Turvy Coffee Mugs to Travel Coffee Kits #coffee #gifts

I’d have this one just because it brings back happy memories of a great coffee from these guys on the High Line. This book is designed to bring the artisan coffee world, with its gadgets and different brewing techniques, to life in a way that most of us will be able to relate to. #coffee

A bit more of a read than a guide, this is a fascinating insight into Japan’s cafe society over the last 130 years. Bit different, definitely not going to help you make better coffee but going to be an interesting view of something you may not have experienced. #coffee

For those obsessed with the real thing, then this is a guide to barista techniques from around the world. Plenty to go at to give your coffee offerings a little variety!

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