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i ship them hard tbh but Lars is such an ass and Sadie deserves so much better

LarsSadie - Mistletoe by Shadaty

LarsSadie - Mistletoe by Shadaty on DeviantArt, I don't ship it but that's fucking cute.

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rinmatsuocat: you’ve got some serious grovelling to do mister (lars better realise he’s been a complete ass, then sadie should apologise for what happened in island adventure bc that was kinda cruel) these silly teens i stg

"It's ok. I can heal her. Her gem. It's ok, I won't hurt you or her, I can help..." ~яσѕє qυαятz:

I can heal her." ~яσѕє qυαятz:<<<< AWWW Saph is so determined to protect Ruby, and Ruby wants her to run so she will be safe Oh my feels

Greg and Space

Like her just glowing and floating letting go of his hands. And then just seeing her shrink and plop down in his arms as a tiny crying baby.