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Dear Passengers, we know you're texting when your phone should be off, Seriously! No one just stares down at their crotch and smiles; norare we blind to your face glowing from the phone during night take-offs and landings. Sincerely, your Flight Attendants.

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math joke miss 2 math lessons and feel like you have traveled 500 years into the future

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The root of all evil?

In math, hah this song came on in class the other day and all the kids were singing it while we were solving equations saying they had to show their work work work work work

Next time a stranger talks to me when I am alone, I will just look at him shocked and just whisper quietly "You can see me?"

Funny Teacher Week Ecard: Let's play school! I'll pretend to be a teacher analyzing disaggregated student data, and you can pretend to be a student taking a standardized test!