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California Man Narrowly Survives Shark Attack

Surfer survived Great White Shark attack thanks to large wave

The ultimate irony...saved by a giant wave! "Surfer survived Great White Shark attack thanks to large wave - Telegraph "This was when a large wave came and I was able to paddle myself back to shore."

Sea kayaker refuses rescue after sending help signal

It's one thing to lean into the dip. It's another to be stuck in a cul-de-sac going in circles in the freaking Bermuda Triangle of all places!

LIHUE — A female Hawaiian monk seal pup, one of several that survived a deadly dog attack in July, was found bludgeoned to death Sunday along a rocky beach in Anahola.

Commonly Asked Questions About Hypothermia in Warm Water

If you think you can't get hypothermia in warm water, think again! Hypothermia is a very common ailment among new divers, so read up to stay safe out there!

A lemon shark bites another on the snout in waters off the Bahamas. Photographer Matt Heath said: “The sharks in this picture were competing for a piece of fish that I was hand-feeding them. I was trying to feed one of the sharks when the other came in and bit at the fish at the same time. Unluckily for the first lemon shark, the second one missed the fish and caught this guy on the nose.” Picture: Matt Heath/National News and Pictures