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Mint Green Watercolor Diamond Pattern - transparent - Classic Snap Case

Casetify iPhone 6 Case - Mint Green Watercolor Diamond Pattern - transparent by Micklyn Le Feuvre

This phone case is inspiring because the pattern is a great example of repetition. I also love how the same color, turquoise, is repeated throughout, but there are different shades and slightly varied textures on each scale. The pop of color by using gold colors on a few scales also makes the pattern unique. The idea of using a repetitive pattern like this with slightly different shades of color and textures is something I will definitely want to try when creating my own design.


Fun and fabulous phone cases for your iPhone 6 Plus. Stand out from the crowd and put your personality on display with a phone case from the Prints Series. Made to order in Southern California on our

Clear TPU Case Cover - Growing Garden – Milkyway

Growing Garden - Clear TPU Case Cover

Clear TPU Cover by Milkyway Cases. The clear TPU Milkyway phone cases are printed in Los Angeles. They feature rounded corners, are approximately thick and always quality controlled.