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Funny Cards Against Humanity answers (33 photos)

Funny ‘Cards Against Humanity’ answers (33 photos)

@rebekahvanryn @kaylagras @brookelyn57 @collany92 @colleenhundt I laughed more than I should have

The perfect get well soon card to let anatomy fans, nurses and medical humor lovers know that it's going tibia okay ;

When people say: 'She's a nice person once you get to know her.' What they really mean is: 'She's a bitch; but you'll get used to it.'

This is what people say about me all the time! Guess I'm not so nice after all

Very Ironic Photos

Very Ironic Photos

Very Ironic Photos. Funny but I didn't get the batman fathers day one though. Fill me in if you get it please-megs

Here's hoping yourrecovery from surgerygoes down as smoothlyas the painkillers

Funny Get Well Ecard: Here's hoping your recovery from surgery goes down as smoothly as the painkillers & comfort food will.

Haha I could never get anyone this card because it would be lying

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