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"Sleeping, like dying, delivers you from one world to the next - to rest in crypts and wake in gardens" by amrit brar

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How true is this for you?  #zodiac

Zodiac Hidden Desires Aries: To lead others and live life to its fullest. Taurus: To have a secure, happy and wealthy life and marriage. Gemini: To lead a life of variety that underscores their cutting edge personality. Cancer: To feel safe.

Resume of a Libra Infographic

Resume of a Taurus - Understanding a Taurus from a work and career perspective. A useful infographic to help understand the core competencies, strengths, focus and communication skills of this sign. (and this is so true.

How is a Pisces. Don't necessarily believe it about me but still cute.

Pisces-- my rising/sun sign (how I perceive the world, express myself, and how others see me) Truth!

How the astrological signs cope with stress. I am just like my Gemini self and try and keep busy.

THE SIGNS DEPRESSED - for anyone who knows my Capricorn personality this hit the nail on the head for me!

Pisces. >> http://amykinz97.tumblr.com/ >> www.troubleddthoughts.tumblr.com/ >> https://instagram.com/amykinz97/ >> http://super-duper-cutie.tumblr.com/

fake smile, happy face and people don't know about pisces fell. people like "wow, you so happy now." pisces just replied "nah, i'm fine" but in heart like broken into million pieces.

REPOST - Zodiac signs that are always strong when they need to be.

Zodiac City Signs with a hidden strength when provoked: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Pisces. I am a Pisces