Every Christmas, people would be all excited to decorate their homes with different Christmas ornaments and decorations that will make their homes festive and cheerful. [...]

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Inspired Whims: Pine Cone Crafts

Inspired Whims: Pine Cone Crafts


Frosted Pinecone Christmas Tree Ornaments ~ Clean the sap from pinecones with a weak water-and-bleach mixture. Twist an eye hook into the top of the pinecone, dust the edges with spray snow, and tie on a bold ribbon to add outdoor charm to your tree.

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30 Beautiful Pinecone Decorating Ideas & Tutorials for Holiday

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Pink pinecone ornament - 10 Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas That Work: Fundraising & awareness events can even be held during Christmastime

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DIY - glitter ornaments - glitter inside, so no mess! Use pledge, clear glass ornaments and glitter! So easy!

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Colored pinecones

Christmas Table Decoration Projects

Bowl of colored pine cones for Christmas decoration or centerpiece - Lightly spray-paint half the cones in cheery cranberry, the rest in shimmery silver; display in a clear glass bowl.

Кедровые, сосновые, еловые шишки сами по себе уже настоящие арт-объекты, созданные природой. Это удивительный и бесплатный материал для творчества, который может выглядеть даже гламурно, если приложить немного творческой мысли. Вдохновляемся и отправляемся в лес, а потом с удовольствием мастерим своими золотыми ручками необычные украшения для дома. Можно сделать стильный венок: Декоративную…

Dress up a chandelier or hanging light fixture with white-tip pinecones hung with fishing line. Use fake snow or white paint to dust the tips for a wintery look. Instructions at Fresh Christmas Decorating Ideas

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The Wool Acorn: Tutorial for my Pinecone Trees. I'm not going to lie, I would probably just use store-bought pompoms.

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Here's another great craft to make with spray painted pine cones. There were no instructions on how to stick the pine cones to the wreath but the local craft store could help

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Pinecone Christmas Ornaments To Make

Easy Pine Cone Craft Projects: Christmas Ornaments, Turkeys, Wreaths ...

Easy Pine Cone Craft Projects: Christmas Ornaments, Turkeys, Wreaths, and More. and peanut butter on a pine cone is a great nature ornament and you can roll it in cereal ;