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so true

Every darn time. then u dont even get the movie

I die on an hourly basis! hahaha

Never kill a kids imagination :)

Yep. Unless they're the ones that blow your skin flat to your bones, Which is awesome!

The only purpose those loud, obnoxious air dryers serve! "Restroom air dryers are a great way to warm your hands before wiping them on your jeans".

that awkward moment when youre trying not to look when someone is staring at you

Teenager Post That awkward moment when you're trying not to look when someone is staring at you.

i did that last year except my dad just woke me up cause he said his back was hurting ... ya right

Teenager Posts - did this all the time

Your really gonna correct me on sarcasm?

That awkward moment when someone tries to correct you on something you clearly know more about.


@ watching high school musical by myself

Get me in the right mood and I'll listen to it all day.

"Teenager Posts If you think that I won't listen to the same song 400 times in a row you are dead wrong." I'm not a teenager but I still do :) I love what I love ha ha ha

Teenager Post

Haha so true exept I'm a straight A student have never gone to the principles offices or had my parents called unless someone did sown thing against me<<< this is highly discouraging

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Teenager Post That awkward moment when you are trying to explain a song but don't want to sing it.


So true. love being a girl!

Happens all the time..

*Washing you hands.* Sleeve starts falling down.

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and you sound messed up

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always haha

That dirty look you give something after tripping over it. So true!

It's better if it rains

Yup I do when it is raining with a sad song I act like I am in a movie!