Here's our My Secret Kitchen Pop up show at the Norfolk Polo Festival selling dip mixes, unique Balsamic Vinegars, flavoured EVOOs spice blends, meat rubs & delicious chocolate powders, the Chai & Pavlova powders were really popular

Tortellini e herb garlic dip mix Mediteranean dukkah roma italian spice blends delicious

Pizza dough flavours are so easy with YIAH, SO many combos can be achieved with our products.. My Basic Pizza dough is - makes 4 large thin bases 500 gms plain flour 1 1/4 cups warm water 2 tsps of dry yeast 1 tbsp of any YIAH OO you like 1 tsp of any YIAH Specialty Sea Salt 1 tbsp of any YIAH Dip Mix or Spice Blend Use your bread maker, Bellini, Thermomix etc method with the above ingredients or you can make it the old fashion way with the BEST 2 utensils you own, your own hands...

SUPER EASY CHOCOLATE MOUSSE!! This is delicious and only two ingredients: 300ml whipping cream and 1-2tbs YIAH white chocolate powder! Served here with strawberries soaked in YIAH OMG (blood orange mango and guava) balsamic vinegar and YIAH vanilla sugar. #chocolate #dessert #strawberries #entertaining

Taste of Italy tonight !!! Easy dinner of Spag bog for the footy YIAH Tomato and Herb dip mix YIAH Roma Italian spice blend YIAH Porcini salt Delicious , quick and tasty !!!!

Yiah chocolate balls using chocolate powders Http://

Http:// yiah grill master meat rub and intense garlic OO recipes

Http:// Yiah guacamole dip mix and taco spice blend recipe ideas

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