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 if that would be a book if read it

Just Preparing for School/work: Reading "Dealing With People You Can't Stand"

may the bouquet toss be ever in your favor.

"Two Families Enter. One Will Leave. The Wedding Games. May the bouquet toss be ever in your favor." Hahahaha yes!

Omg the future of society is doomed! ^i can't tell if that is sarcasm but do people not realize the second comment was joking?

The problem with people like this…

Funny pictures about The problem with people like this. Oh, and cool pics about The problem with people like this. Also, The problem with people like this.

This isn't even his final form....

Never not re pin. Hilarious what happens to Canadian on Canada day humor funny picture. I'm dying. This is too true!

Because only school can teach you who was second in love to the throne during the enlightenment, but not how to do taxes...

Imaginary number

we literally had this discussion in my math class. my teacher actually said to us that if we study math throughout college, we will eventually have to start factoring unicorns. and kids believed him.

Turns out, I am now a frog saving activist. Seriously, save all the flipping  frogs.

Save the frogs

Funny pictures about Save the frogs. Oh, and cool pics about Save the frogs. Also, Save the frogs photos.

Alright, WHO DREW ME?

"It's called the personal space bubble, people! Respect the bubble!" Yes. The bubble.

Ahem... No.

I hate when people argue with me about Percy Jackson when they've only seen the movie.

Remember, thank Obama.

Someone from Mission Gardens posted a whisper, which reads "Today my 4 year old daughter said "THANKS OBAMA!" After she accidentally walked into our coffee table. We live in Canada.