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milk all gone cookie now -


In the words of Joan Jett- " Don't give a damn about my bad reputation."  We've had plenty of "How do numbers make you feel,Lisa? " -The Simpsons   **Gen X ...believes in roll up your sleeves and get it done! (with as little grumbling as possible,please:) You'll be rewarded w a paycheck and free time...taadaa! What do you mean "screw this, mom will buy me the next iphone?" ;) No enabling! More Louis CK xD

Cat: I don't do touchy-feely, I do scratchy-bleedy. My grandmas cat. my cat same way oy! drives me mad but she so cute

Cat-drum? Not going to be happy, but at least it's any Evans Drumhead. We carry those. #interstatemusic #musician #drummer

Because drummers put blankets and pillows in them to deaden the sound. PLUS — A video of a cat playing a bass drum.from the inside.

Invisible Cat Objects [Infographic]

Kitty and the invisible things. (invisible window installation made me laugh)


World domination kitty.love the red dot torture! I mean fun ( evil laugh)

I laughed so hard and im still laughing!!!

Funny pictures about Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit. Oh, and cool pics about Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit. Also, Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit photos.

And that's how I think my cat feels everytime I leave the house. If he only knew... I'd never leave if I didn't have to.

Go to work. This is about right when I leave for work in the morning, so sad

so true... more like a mercat

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LOL!!! @Casey Speights totally did this with chocolate chips as a kid!

Nutella cat

Check out mah guns... Pyow! Pyow! #funnycats

its funny and it says check out my gun pyow pyow it is a cute little kitty and i cant believe how big its guns are