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Uranus as Seen with colour Filters | ESA/

Uranus' atmosphere is predominantly made up of hydrogen and helium. Unlike Jupiter and Saturn, these light gases dominate only the outer edges of the planet, but are not a significant contributor to the rocky interior.

Exoplanet Tour: Meet the 7 Earth-Size Planets of

Commonly held belief and scientific proof holds true that black holes suck matter in rather than spewing them out. But NASA has just found some curious evidence around a supermassive black hole named Markarian 335.  Two of NASA's telescopes, including the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR), observed what is believed to be a black hole’s corona launching

You don’t have to know a whole lot about science to know that black holes typically suck things in, not spew things out. But NASA just spotted something mighty strange at the supermassive black hole Markarian

Sun stand still craft - squish paint on a circle with orange, yellow, gold sparkly, and plastic wrap.

Children are amazing and talented creations and given the chance anything can happen. Each year I become more and more impressed with my c.

solar flare

astronauts took a photograph from space of a huge flare of energy on the sun.

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The portrait of Stephan's Quintet, also known as Hickson Compact Group was taken by the new aboard NASA's HST as one of the first images since its May 2009 overhaul. Stephan's Quintet, as the name implies, is a group of five galaxies.

F = Gm1m2/r^2 — Velvet Nebula by StellarDia (me) This is one of...

Velvet Nebula by StellarDia: This is one of my old creations when I was doing space art. More of this stuff in the future when I finally have time to get back into it.