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Manipulation is another attempt to control others. I feel sorry for these type of people - Get a life and leave other people alone!

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Too many times married men think they're still single. That has caused many a good girl to go wrong.

Time for motivational quotes by daaailymotivation Author: Reyna Biddy   #daily…

I promise you that person who made you feel like you were hard to love sits up at night wondering if they will ever love themselves!

My hair is being pulled by the stars again......*sigh*

"I'm restless. Things are calling me away. My hair is being pulled by stars again." ~Anais Nin I feel like this right now in my life!

Even with the evidence..you will never get a confession when you're dealing with a pathological liar.

No I think you are confusing those for STUPID women. Smart women already know.