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Colour Shifting Pigments - Olivine to Violet

Colour Shifting Pigments Blue/Violet by colourchanging on Etsy

Liquid Crystal Ink -  Spectral Colour Change - SFXC | Special Effects and Coatings - 1

Liquid Crystal Ink - Spectral Colour Change - SFXC | Special Effects and Coatings - 1

POLYMORPH PLASTIC Polymorph Thermoplastic Granules. A fantastic invention, a miriad of uses. Able to make impressions of non undercut relief shapes to make basic self supporting moulds as well as to be used in Push Moulds or indeed manually shaped by hands. http://www.garieinternational.com.sg/clay/shop/poly_morph.htm

Art and polymer clay shop in Singapore, retail a wide varieties of clay, tools, accessories, books and educational toys

Hydrochromic Ink

Magic, colour changing screen ink vanishes when wet! Hydrochromic Reversible Wet and Reveal Screen Printing Ink for Fabric

Thermochromic Pigments, are supplied in paste form, when heat is added the product loses its colour - when temperature returns to normal the colour returns.

In this video I mix up a batch of thermochromic pigment with white acrylic paint. When heat is applied, the black thermochromic paint turns transparent and r.

Thermochromic pigment for plastic-Changing color by temperature

thermochromic materials Manufacturer - thermochromic materials Manufacturers and thermochromic materials Supplier

Fluorescent Pigments - Blue - SFXC | Special Effects and Coatings

Fluorescent pigments and inks glow in the day and make things really stand out against an average background. Perfect for most applications and screen printing.

TLBCN - Los colores

Colour: Making and Using Dyes and Pigments by François Delamare

Chameleon® Thermochromic Ink Trail Pack for Paper, Board and Textiles. available at http://sfxc.co.uk/collections/chameleon-colour-changing-screen-inks

Chameleon® Thermochromic Ink Trial Pack for Paper, Board and Textiles

Muse's 2nd Law album cover. Creative Review - Record sleeves of the month. I have this version of the album – the heat sensitive packaging is very cool!

Record sleeves of the month

LCR Hallcrest - Temperature Triggered colour Changing Technology and Graphics

Chameleon Like Pearl Pigments - Colour Changing Effect – SFXC | Special Effects and Coatings

Colour Shifting Pigments - Violet-Blue to Violet to Red to Orange-Yellow