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I feel so cozy actually wearing pants i want the weather to cool off and hopefully not hurricane for us ://


the sight of you is not something in general that i could ever replace man

SS: d0 y0u ever l00k at 0ne 0f y0ur friend5 and think 'why d0 i like thi5 a55-h0le? B /

Ok so if ur in the sad teen club u put sad teen club in ur bio ur first number is the number of the collaborators on the board info

Pro and K

He kissed me hungrily, biting my lip. When he pulled away, we were both breathing heavily and he kept staring at my lips. "I don't want to be your friend, Lucia. I want to kiss your neck and wake up next to you every morning that we have left.

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but not every one sees, we got this crazy chemistry between us

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And there are people who are a summer breeze kissing your skin, the satisfying fluidity of tea sliding down your throat, the silky leaves of lamb’s ear, and the wisps of dandelion floating away on the wind.