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Palak Chole

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Spinach Dal

Lentils cooked with spinach and tomatoes. This Spinach Dal is lightly spiced, healthy, vegan and good for you! #vegan #vegetarian #indian Find the recipe on

Sambar Rice - might have to find a specialty grocer for some of the ingredients but looks tasty and worth trying!

lentil soup with chickpeas and quinoa

Rustic Vegetable Chickpea Soup

Chickpea, Vegetable, and Pesto Soup

Chickpea, Vegetable, and Pesto Soup.

Indian side dish - beans and paneer with lime and black pepper

Spicy Roasted Zucchini


Tuesday Ten: Thanksgiving Recipes Gone Healthy!

basic gravy

Easy Homemade Almond Butter (Healthy & Delicious)

Oh my gosh this is one of my favorite recipes to make! So simple, so healthy and so delicious! Homemade is a million times better then store bought versions.