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Don't discard your used GUM where Birds will try to eat it. The gum sticks to their beaks and they cannot eat or drink afterwards. They Die!

When word circulated that Jake Peavy required dental work after chipping two teeth opening a gum pack in the dugout, Henry Schulman wisely got a quote from Jeremy Affeldt, known to have incurred an unconventional injury or three: “I ain’t saying nothing, because next thing you know, I’ll try to open a pack of sunflower seeds and my four front teeth will fly out.” If the Yankees or Dodgers (who’ll likely stick with Juan Uribe at third) enter the sweepstakes, eBay gets flooded with panda…

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Uses - Great for your hair and nails! Research the uses then get some!! I order mine from the Bulk Herb Store.

I do this every. single. day. in history. It's disgusting. PEOPLE...gum goes in trash cans. NOT UNDER TABLES!

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