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thousand years before the sky was introduced to the sea, Allah had written your name next to me.

I can't wait❤ I just want to love you❤

I can't wait❤ I just want to love you❤

ya allah if i am to fall in love, let me touch the heart of someone whose heart is attached to you.

Islamic Marriage Quotes for Husband and Wife are About Marriage In Islam with Love, Islamic Wedding is a blessed contract between a man and a woman(Muslim

الحمد لله.

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Alhamdullilah ameen ❤️                                                                                                                                                                                 More

In Shaa Allah until the day comes, I will always make du'a for us. Allah hears every single du'a I make. May Allah unite us someday In Shaa Allah with us being more in love than ever Amiin.


It is said that dua at Tahajjud prayer is like an arrow that doesn't miss its target! In shaa Allah wil try ☺