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"I am all that is, was, or ever will be." Words of Isis inscribed at the Temple of Sais **FYI:Any comments about the name "Isis" or comments that the art isn't true to nature WILL be DELETED**

Middle East of the first half of the 20th century, Egypt. Matson (G. Eric and Edith) Photograph Collection. S)

theuppitynegras: “ “ firsttimeuser: “ Middle East Africa of the first half of the century, Egypt Matson (G. Eric and Edith) Photograph Collection ” …middle east?

Philae temple of Goddess Isis in Aswan, Egypt., from Iryna

Temple of Philae, Aswan, Egypt. Philae, said to be one of the burying-places of…

Pinga – In Eskimo (Inuit) Mythology, “Pinga”, “The one who is up on high”, is the omnipresent female spirit who watches carefully over men's actions, especially their treatment of animals. She protects all living creatures and controls the hunt. She is also the Inuit goddess of fertility and healing. Among the inland “Eskimo”, she was named “Mother of the Caribou” and was believed to dwell in heaven. Illustration: Amy Clark

Perna Studios is very excited to announce our third trading card set entitled Classic Mythology II. This set will focus on 5 timeless Classic Mythologies that we have all come to love and enjoy dur.

Undead ammit ✪ | Egipt Anúbis e Ammit |

Ammit/Ammut/Ahemait - a crocodile's head, a lion's front body and a hippo's back body part held by Anubis