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Teddy boy

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Тедди-бои: элегантные хулиганы

Youth Culture - Teddy Boys - The 'teddy boy' style became popular among some teenage boys. They wore: tight trousers, pointed shoes and brightly-coloured jackets with thin velvet lapels. Hairstyles copied the glamorous look of movie stars.

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Edwardians, or “Teddy Boys” as they became known, are an English youth subculture that created a distinctive style by wearing clothes inspired by the Edwardian period that the tailors of Savile Row attempted to reintroduce after world war two.

English Teddy Boys, 1950s.

The Brits had the Teddy Boys - Edwardian drape coats, brothel creepers, razors blades, and quiffs.

Teddy boys. These boys were a part of subculture that like to dress similar to dandies in the Edwardian period.

Teddy Boys Subculture - A group of young boys showing off their rebellious styles and attitudes, constantly trying to attract media attention through violence and subculture clashes.

1950s teddy boys

British Teddy Boys, post war working class teenage boy gangs (Teddy Girls were the counter part). Appears to be somewhat of the British version of the American Zoot Suiters.