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Baby is cute.but nowadays they are putting babies in so many weird things that I think years later we'll look back and think "why was that baby in a bowl of gumballs?

New born photoshop :) love it

The Top 10 Most Adorable Newborn Photos of All Time

Baby picture idea Newborn pictures - LOVE this idea! newborn christmas pictures so cute! newborn photo idea - like the scrabble.

Sleeping Beauties

'No more pictures please' - Little Boy and Ginger Cat refusing to look at the Camera

E tem gente que apronta o ano todo e no Natal é tomado por um clima de amor e perdão. Parabéns para eles, que mesmo por por um tempinho, permitiram ser tocados pelo amor. Triste os que se fecham pra vida e pro mundo e ainda tentam apagar a pequena luz que se acende no outro.  Rosi Coelho***

Super cute Christmas photo with the baby playing under the tree. This would be so cute for a Christmas card.

sooo sweet!! The hands make a heart <33

doctor: I'm sorry to inform you that your baby has been born with heart hands. mother: But I only did heart hands one time for that maternity photo, I swear! doctor: One time is one time too many.

Sweet Dreams with Snoopy & Woodstock

Sweet Dreams with Snoopy & Woodstock