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Repurpose Schoolbag

‘Repurpose Schoolbags’ Provides Light for Kids in South Africa to Travel Safely and Study

Repurpose’s Solar-Powered Schoolbags Do More Than Carry Stuff

Luminous Multipurpose Backpacks - This Solar-Powered Bag Doubles as a Source of Light

'On the Chairs' Wall Sign #Quotes ☮k☮

Look what I found on 'On the Chairs' Wall Sign Like metal tray idea for signs or paintings or whatever


"American University students Sharon Burk and Mollie Wagoner embrace after hearing that the U. Supreme Court ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is unconstitutional at the Supreme Court on June 26 in Washington, DC.

On February 27, 1922, the Supreme Court upheld the Nineteenth Amendment (allowing women to vote) in a case that challenged its constitutionality (Leser v. Garnett). The decision was unanimous (and I would have liked to see the looks on the faces of the dudes on the challenging side).

19 September 1893 New Zealand first in women’s vote. With the signing of the Electoral Bill by Governor Lord Glasgow, New Zealand becomes the first country in the world to grant national voting rights to women.

The California couples who challenged Prop. 8 -- Kris Perry and Sandy Stier, and Jeff Zarrillo and Paul Katami -- were clearly delighted to be speaking about this morning's Supreme Court rulings, but their MSNBC interview was interrupted this morning. President Obama wanted to extend his personal congratulations.

Britt and I watched this as it happened. I will remember to share with our children one day.They need to know how hard people fought for their civil rights. Hopefully by then, their Moms' marriage will be legally recognized.

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